We are flattered that you are interested in becoming a Sponsored Rider/Brand Ambassador! We think our product selection is pretty great and we absolutely love our customers so who better to champion the flag for our company than our own happy customers? Let’s keep it simple and straightforward shall we?

How does it work?

We believe an ambassador/sponsor rider should reap what they sow, meaning they should directly benefit from the amount of work and effort they put in to promoting our store. So it is simple, you refer customers, you earn in store credit for a variety of items in our store.

How do I redeem my store credit?

Easily. Everything is automated. When you sign up for an account with us you will have your own dashboard. Every customer you refer generates store credit for you. When you are ready to cash in submit the bonus through your account and you will receive an email from us letting you know store credit has been applied to your account. Then shop away. When you check out click “Check out with store credit”. Pretty easy right?

Why do we do this?

Simple, word of mouth of advertising, or what we call modern day social networking means you help us get the word around about our popular new english tack store. Riders love our store and will be happy you shared your new find with them as the most popular comment we get from new customers is “We love your store!”

Why don’t we just hand out products?

We used to give all sponsored riders the same deal…then we realized some riders were working harder than others and bringing in more business for our store…hum, that doesn’t sound fair does it? Now we have a tiered approach, the harder you work, the more products you get! Your only limited by how hard you are willing to work for it…kind of like training for a horse show 🙂

What happens if a customer returns an item?

If a customer buys an item then later returns it, unfortunately that means the customer didn’t actually generate a sale after all. Most customers exchange item so if that is the case you still get credit for the item. If they return it, sorry but that doesn’t count as a sale for your product rewards.

How do I sign up? Click the link below to be taken to our registration page to sign up:

Please note by submitting this form you acknowledge you are at least 18 years of age to apply: