CAIR Panel System

The break-through manufacturing method is patented worldwide. The CAIR® Air Cushions are shaped and refined at the point of manufacture to provide an even thickness throughout the panel and consistent performance. This eliminates potential for bounce, or excessive movement that can result if the air panels are over, or under inflated.

Air is captured at atmospheric pressure in an open-celled foam and sealed in the Air Cushion. Once the air cushion is welded the open-celled foam becomes irrelevant, as it is the air trapped in the cushion, which is doing the work

Furthermore, the balance of saddles with the CAIR® Cushion System is easily altered through your retailer with the CAIR® Cushion Insert System, without compromise to the performance of the air panels.

Around the world many professionals in the Equestrian Industry have conducted independent research into the practical performance of the revolutionary CAIR® Cushion System, assessing the impact of CAIR® on a horse's performance through scientific evaluation. There are many ways of evaluating saddle performance, however we believe that those conducted by Dr Peter Cronau and Dr. Gail Williams have been the most comprehensive.

Scientifically we can see from Dr. Cronau's research that the saddles with CAIR® are vastly superior in performance to those with traditional fillings. From Dr. Williams' evaluation we can see the impact an optimally fitting and performing saddle makes to a horse’s performance and willingness to work.

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