Horka Distressed Leather Lizz Boots


Horka Distressed Leather Lizz Boots | Horka Distressed Leather Lizz Boots



Horka Distressed Leather Lizz Boots

Extremely popular distressed leather field boots in brown. Super soft and supple leather that is fully lined with a soft breathable and lightly padded inner. Elastic laces, full zipper with snap European top. Gusseted for flexibility and stretch. Spur rests and attractive cap toe. Please note this is a distressed leather so no two set of boots look exactly alike. Distressed leather is designed to look aged or worn for a vintage or rustic look. These boots break in quickly and are quite soft. The process for distressing the leather allows for quicker break in and the leather has a realistic worn look which may include treatments that effectively scrape the leather to lighten the color in random areas. This is normal and not a defect. This is the aesthetic of distressed leather. The inner calf is reinforced with a smooth leather to give this comfortable leather boot durability.


N=Normal, this is equivalent of a US Regular calf

W=Wide, this is equivalent of a US Wide calf.

Size chart is measured in cm’s, please note the back of most US measuring tapes have a metric side, simply flip over your measuring tape when taking measurements in cm’s.

Stock shown is all the available stock we have. It is not available for restock.

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Weight 2 lbs


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